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There may be some information that we collect if you use our programs. You may be asked to input your name, e-mail or even other details here. You also have the opportunity to visit this website anonymously. We will only collect information about you when you are visiting our site or respond to a survey or fill out form. We are using your information in order to personalize the experience. We always focus on bringing the best experience to the users here and you will need to know that we are trying to improve the website every time a new user comes here. We may collect your data in order to organize a contest, or doing a promotion in order to gain more software from us. You may also receive from us some periodic emails, but you will also have the ability to cancel our newsfeed any time you would like. Also we will use your email address in order to send you the wanted information, respond to different questions or even to some additional requests or respond to some questions. You should also know that your information is protected. We come up with the best measures in order to protect your personal information when you enter, submit or access it here. We also use cookies in order for you to automatically complete all of the data and in order for us to gain some information regarding you in order to deliver better experience for you. The main goal here is to bring you the best experience we can and we are sure you will enjoy it. We do not sale, trade or transfer your info to other websites and we are keeping your information as confidential as we can.